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Md. Ali Akbar Khan Ratan

Vice Chairman, Rupayan Group


In the incredible journey of life, we have to deal with full of challenges, thrills, hard works, moments to celebrations and special moments that finally helps to reach us to our destination and it is our main objective to deliver the best of the value proposition to our clients within our scope of operation and to be recognized as the undisputed market leader in the real estate sector of Bangladesh.

Luxuriousness is all about magnificence and refinement. If you are prosperous, you need to have a deluxe lifestyle and live to the fullest, therefore, each of our projects are contains with good quality, classy taste and phenomenon, The quality that we have like our architectural and interior designs, creative elements, luxuriousness and features reflect a high-class lifestyle.
The worldwide viewpoint for the real estate industry has been changing very quickly. Bangladesh recently has registered itself as one of the highest GDP growth in Asia Pacific and holds the strongest position and become enthusiastic nation in the world. We Rupayan also has that same ¬fearless passion to create excellent ¬financial and quality oriented opportunities for our customers.

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