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    Rupayan Housing Estate Ltd.

    Constructing high-rise buildings, commercial facades and many more undertakings in civil constructions

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    Rupayan City, Uttara

    Dhaka is First Mega Premium Gated Community.

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    Rupayan Land Development Ltd.

    Bridging Your Dream and Reality.

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    Rupayan Town

    First Planned satellite in Bangladesh

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    Ratul Properties Ltd

    Secondary Flats, Apartments, Commercial Space for Sale and Purchase.

About us

Welcome to Rupayan Group. Established in 1989, Rupayan Group has been dedicated to doing business differently and innovatively. Our diverse businesses span from real estate development, hotels, garments, shipping and much more. Our maiden company, Rupayan art view, is a pioneer in the field of outdoor advertising and our flagship company Rupayan housing estate is a market leader in real estate development and construction.

It spans across many domains of industrial and service related sectors providing jobs to nearly 1500 peoples in direct employment.

It is very aggressive in its pursuit of diversity in business development.

We Have Worldwide Business

Currently rupayan Group has 28 companies under its umbrella.

The group ranks among the top in the country's real Estate sector which has multiple innovative formats to suit varying on its historical legacy of Publicity Business, the group now is setting in other businesses such as Real Estate Business, Hotels & Resorts, University, CNG Super Stores, Ship Building, Telecom, LPG, Dredging, Powe, Furniture, Doors, Garments, etc.

Salling Building and Bulk / plot of land

All we plan, activate and implement are for their berrerment. The growth of our business has consigned upon us a serious sense of purpose, values and moral bindings. The future looks equally bright, even brighter than ever. While scrutinzng more pro-welfare and pro customer initiatives, engaging superior human skills, expertise, technology and upscale financial projections. We assure you of our customer and friendly, calue driven care and sevicess in the days to come.

Modern Design & Use Better Technology

Over the year we have lots of experience in our field.

24/7 Dedicated Support

We have dedicated call centre.

Why Choose Us


Structural design parameters based on Codes of American Concrete Institute (ACI), American Standards of Testing Material and Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC-93).

Structural elements designed and detailed for wind and earthquake forces as recommended in BNBC for different areas and zones.

Sub-Soil investigation and testing for soil parameters done through experienced and reputed firm and analyzed by qualified Geotechnical Engineers.

Structural Design done by professional structural designers and comprehensively cross checked by our in house structural consultant.

Construction work always done with our own highly experienced engineers and group of well experience technical team.

The quality control of materials and construction techniques independently checked by QC department of our company.

Systematic testing for quality of materials from BUET, Dhaka.

All other related works finishing and completion of buildings done by own architects along with the consulting firm.